Benefits Of Silicone Phone Covers And Case

- Jan 17, 2019-

The Silicone phone covers and case is an accessory for electronic products. When it first appeared, its main function was to protect the surface of the product from scratches and worry about the dirtyness of its mobile phone. We all know the shell of handheld electronic devices, and most of the time we are pursuing beauty and fashion. Most of us design a hard plastic case or a metal case. In daily use, we often wipe clothes and bags. Such a long time will cause a lot of scratches. Serious or even discoloration, so that the color of the phone will drop significantly, seriously affecting the beauty of the phone. A device with a few hundred yuan or more, because its appearance wear value will be greatly reduced. Therefore, careful consumers will think of many ways to protect their machines.

Silicone case

Before the emergence of the silicone case of the Phone, the careful manufacturer will add a leather or cloth cover to the phone to protect the phone. However, in practice, these accessories are often placed on hold by the user due to inconvenience. Because the mobile phone holster or cloth cover has a great impact on the user's operation, especially mobile phones with key operations such as mobile phones. The Silicone phone covers and case has the characteristics that leather case and cloth cover do not have. The silicone material is transparent, soft and flexible. It can be very close to the setting on the machine, it will not affect the mobile phone, and the silicone case of mobile phone is passed. The mold is designed to be molded, so the manufacturer will fully consider the maneuverability. Make sure that the silicone sleeve does not need to be removed and reinstalled from the machine as often as a suitcase, which greatly facilitates the user.

Rongjin Silicone Products Factory has 15 years of experience in the production of silica gel products. It has mature silicone product processing technology and is one of the largest suppliers of silicone products in China. Silicone phone covers and case It has advanced testing technology and complete quality control equipment, and strictly complies with ISO9001 international quality certification. System management and control of the production process to ensure that the qualified rate of silicone products reaches more than 99%.

In addition, the materials used in silicone sleeves are very inert and generally do not react with any other acidic or alkaline products, and are water, high temperature and insulating. Therefore, the mobile phone silicone case is a good protection device for protecting handheld electronic devices.