Aviation Is Open To Mobile Phones. Are You Sure You Don't Have A Little Silicone Gadget?

- Nov 12, 2019-


             Extra! Extra! The latest news, the Civil Aviation Department said at the press conference that the use of electronic equipment in China's civil aviation will not be too fast. In order to raise the standard of national aviation, from October this year, civil aviation will soon open the use of electronic equipment on the aircraft. This is also the surface of the small partners in the future, no longer have to sit in the daze and look out the window, but the current regulation is only from the government to give this right to the airline to assess, so the electronic products will not It is a rushing release!

            Since the national government has said this to the children, there are certainly many people who have begun to prepare a lot of products for electronic equipment on the plane. So Xiaobian talks about the silicone products that can carry electronic products on the plane today. Accessories!

           Attentive people tend to do things very carefully, so Xiaobian prepares gadgets for you, and may make you use them when you fly. Since the news has already been transmitted, it depends on who is more prepared. Now! !

          For a product of a smart phone, it is estimated that you will also see it in the end! That is the silicone sticker. After the advent of the smart phone, the daily necessities for mobile phones have gradually increased in recent years. It is also possible to start connecting with smart devices and become more meticulous and convenient. It can be said that the software + hardware is equal to what you want. If you use a mobile phone on the plane, then this silicone product can give you a fixed effect, especially when watching movies, it is more convenient to use when your hands are inconvenient!

          After the opening, it is a long way to swim, and the "silicone earphones" for casual listening songs are naturally indispensable. Some people ask what role silicone materials can take for you? Naturally, it is designed to make you feel better after wearing. The soft silicone earphone can make your long-term accessories have no effect on earache, so this is a thing you can think about!

          Silicone brackets, you may know that the current market is more popular products, silicone brackets are new products, the main function is still occupying the support of mobile phones, to maintain the balance of mobile phones, you can watch small videos, movies, etc. when you are free. In addition, if you are afraid of bumps after entering the atmosphere, then the mobile phone case is a better choice!

         The above recommendations are all existing products, but now our country's route is following the party's route. For example, the aircraft can open the right to use the mobile phone. At that time, I don't know if there will be products designed with this policy. Founded! So summing up an era of innovation will also change with the era of country name policy!