Are There Any Of These Phenomena In Your Silicone Case?

- Dec 27, 2019-

            Silicone material protective cover is a type of electronic protective shell that currently has the most usage rate. It is more common in electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets. If you are using it, it must be because it has attracted you, such as resistance to falling. Environmental protection, feel and other factors, but with the increase of electronic products, peripheral add-on products have gradually been on the market. It is precisely because of the use of too many people that it has gradually started to appear inferior products, it also has bad defects. , Do you have any of these phenomena when you buy a mobile phone case?

         Rebound in size: With the upgrade of mobile phones, more and more mobile phone silicone cases manufacturers also have great competition, which results in different production costs, different materials, and different formulations, so different silicone product manufacturers have fixed-line molding. There will be differences in some products. Some materials are better, and those with higher rebound have not changed the principle. Some domestic rubber brands are not mature enough, and the products made are slightly worse in terms of stretching and rebound, which also leads to Product size error and no rebound effect.

         However, as a consumer, if you have already purchased this product, then this problem cannot be avoided, but as a buyer, you can ask the mobile phone case manufacturer to specify the rubber material, and the mobile phone case to specify the standard, and the silicone material There are many brands, each one has a different price and formula, and requires proofing and testing to get results and indicators.

          Defects in appearance quality: mainly due to the black spots on the surface of the product and the thickness of the parting line. The main causes of the black spot impurities on the surface are caused by the lack of control of impurities and dust during the mixing process of the raw material workshop. Line thickness and quality problems are mainly due to the precision processing of the mold and the effect of upper and lower mold matching.


         Color problem: It should be known that there is no problem of discoloration in the silicone mobile phone case, but the partial color number may be faded and yellowed after being used for a long time after the production is completed. For example, white and transparent colors will appear after using the environment and temperature. Fading and yellowing.

        Feeling worse: Silicone protective cover usually chooses spray appearance and feel oil, so you don't have to consider the appearance and feel of the product when you just buy it. They are relatively CR-free and do not stick to dust, but with the product's service life, it takes too long. There may be oil loss, the surface spray effect is roughened by the friction of the object, and the feel is sticky and sticky.

        In addition to the above common defects, there are many unavoidable shortcomings in the use of silicone mobile phone cases, which affect the use of functions, such as breakage, loosening after use for a long time, smell, oil, etc. These problems can be solved through silicone Process control within the processing plant.