Are Silicone Products Good At Home Or Abroad?

- Apr 20, 2020-

In essence, whether it is domestic or imported, the choice of products depends on quality and materials. Everything in the world is in harmony with each other. The production of a product is good or bad. Just like Huawei, which is currently very popular, it is still very popular all over the world. But if you do not use imported materials, you can still reflect the products to the fullest. It is precisely the development trend of the silicone product industry in recent years, you can see the advantages of domestic production.


 The first brand of silicone products you may think of is not a domestic brand, but this does not affect the development of its silicone industry. At present, China is a big country in the silicone industry that provides global supply. I think the biggest difference is the price. Most people have this idea. The more expensive the price, the better the product quality. It is this situation that often affects the differences in domestic products, because these two words-import! Therefore, silicone rubber products have the same situation. In any case, various silicone materials produced in China are also widely used, and their quality and performance are recognized. Compared with products imported from Europe and the United States. For imported and domestically selected equipment with the same material and the same processing technology, the material is no different, but the price varies greatly, the main difference is the freight, the domestic is relatively cheap, and the function is the same. As usual, many foreign customers come to consult our products and buy our products, so our domestic silicone industry still has great development and is very good.