Analysis Of Room Temperature Vulcanized Silica Gel

- Aug 01, 2020-

RTV silicone products manufacturers sometimes produce products that become brittle and fragile, and they break when pinched, which seriously affects our production efficiency. Even if these products can barely pass the QC test, their service life in the market cannot reach a reasonable time requirement. So how do silicone product manufacturers control and prevent this phenomenon during the production process? 

1. Problems in the production of room temperature vulcanized silica gel

1. Temperature and time

      The temperature is too high and the time is too long during the molding process of silica gel, which causes the product to become brittle, and the secondary vulcanization is not good for a long time.

2. The problem of room temperature vulcanized silicone material

     Silicone material   The main reason that the product becomes brittle or hard is that the material of the silicone material itself is not good, which leads to substandard tear strength.

      It is recommended to use high-quality room temperature vulcanized silicone material for production and processing, and to produce special products with weather glue to meet the tear strength requirements.

High temperature silicone, silicone rubber, room temperature vulcanized silicone, silicone material-picture

Figure-high temperature resistant materials


2. High temperature resistant material mold design and product structure

The product structure or mold design of high temperature resistant silicone material is unreasonable, which will cause mold product fracturing during production. It is recommended to improve the processing of the mold or the structure of the mold, thicken the thin part slightly, and slightly round the right corner. and many more.  

High temperature resistant material silicone rubber products are known for their super high tear strength performance and superior elasticity. The products produced with silicone materials have flexible texture, many times of re-molding, and comfortable hand feeling, which are unmatched by products produced by other materials. . The production of high-temperature resistant silicone products is a complicated process. In addition to machine and human factors, the key to discovering and solving major product quality problems is intermediate inspection.