Alternative Silicone Phone Case, Do You Dare To Use It!

- Nov 07, 2019-


           Everyone knows that the mobile phone case is a kind of electronic protection product that we are indispensable at present. With the advancement of technology, there are many cows who are familiar with the electronic technology. Nowadays, there are countless mobile phone cases, from material to texture. Everything is different, but nowadays some people connect the silicone phone case to the human skin, and the silicone phone case is made into a skin-like effect, which is estimated to have never been seen before!

         The skin has always been the most important surface part of the human body. It not only allows us to have a good ability to perceive and judge, but also allows us to have a good appearance. This mobile phone case made of silicone material is almost completely compatible with the human body. The skin is the same, has the same perceptual ability and interactive effect, and the effect is extraorative. It is developed by a research and development team of the French National Telecommunications Institute of France to develop a very realistic "silicone protective case" also called the skin phone case!

        The main material of this skin mobile phone case is mainly made of soft silicone material, and the inside is an electrode chip, so it can recognize different gesture operations like touch screen, such as sliding, tapping or stretching, and even distinguishing the external application. The pressing force of the surface layer and the same turning gesture as the rocker, and the familiarity of the liquid silicone and the human skin are basically completely acquainted with the human skin, and the silicone product is mainly an environmentally friendly material, and it will definitely be used as a surface appearance layer. The texture is better and safer.

        This "skin" phone case can be based on human touch, such as touching, rotating, tweaking and tickling, etc., can make a relative reflection on the front of the phone, and connect to the computer and other devices, and also through the phone case The interaction brings direct expression changes! However, in terms of design, the mobile phone case of the simulated "skin" is not very good-looking, the front workmanship is rough, and the edge processing is not neat. However, the team also prepared two designs, one is a relatively smooth surface, and the other is a texture closer to the human skin. Do you know if you accept it?

        In the course of use, you are holding this silicone case as if you touch this person's skin. It thinks that your mood is boring or driving, but when you hit it hard, it will think that you are angry. When you touch it gently, it automatically thinks that you are happy. This design makes the phone more intelligent, and it is also a new development of electronic products.

       However, many netizens do not like such a mobile phone case, saying that even if you buy another silicone mobile phone case, it is better than buying this creepy thing. Some people think that this "artificial leather phone case" is too horrifying, and It seems to make people feel like goose bumps, and even some netizens claim that this may be specifically for people to give up the development of mobile phones, because with such a mobile phone case, even the desire to play mobile phones is gone. What do you think of this "simulated human skin phone case"?