Will Silicone Utensils Cause Harm to People For a Long Time?

- Apr 07, 2020-

  Silicone kitchen utensils made by silicone kitchen utensil manufacturers have become commonplace in life. Since they can be circulated in the market, the quality of their products must meet the relevant national standards unless the silicone kitchen utensil manufacturers use non-compliant raw materials in the production process. As a result of product safety accidents, when purchasing silicone kitchen utensils, you will not be poisoned by finding silicone utensils that meet the relevant regulations and are produced by regular silicone kitchen utensil manufacturers.


  Well, silicone kitchen utensils have been popular on mainstream dining tables for more than ten years. As a newcomer silicone kitchen utensils, what advantages does it have compared with the previous material kitchen utensils, can make it gradually popular on people's dining tables

  Advantages of silicone kitchenware:

1. Silicone kitchen utensils are made of food-grade harmless silicone material, which is integrally molded to ensure non-toxic, odorless, safe, and environmental protection.

2. Silicone kitchen utensils can be folded, kneaded, turned, etc., placed without occupying space, and will not absorb oil stains. It has a similar function as a desiccant, and will not become moldy due to long-term storage, making it unusable.

3. The temperature of silicone kitchenware and food is suitable. Regardless of whether the food is cold or hot, silicone kitchenware can protect the temperature of the food and reduce the loss of temperature. The food placed in the silicone container can maintain the original temperature after a period of time, and will not pass the temperature to the user. Not easy to burn your hands, and non-slip.

4. Compared with ceramics, stainless steel, etc., the biggest feature of silicone kitchenware is that it is drop-resistant, and there will be no noise when dropped on the ground. Anything commonly used by Chinese people is good, that is, they are fragile. Although plastic tableware can withstand falling, but the plastic has a high hardness, there may be cracks after the fall. Silicone kitchen utensils can be dropped casually, without worrying about damage.

5. Good heat resistance. Silicone has good temperature resistance, it can not be deformed or deteriorated at a high temperature of 240 degrees Celsius, and it will not harden at -40 degrees Celsius, so you can use it for steaming, cooking, roasting, etc.

Silicone kitchenware is easier to clean than other materials. Because silica gel does not stick to oil or adsorb oil, it is easy to clean.

6. Many colors and many shapes. Many colors can be prepared according to the requirements of users, and tableware in various shapes can be shaped, and even customized DIY.

       To say that the shortcomings of silicone are for the Chinese, because the Chinese are used to porcelain tableware, feel that the texture of silicone kitchen utensils is not good, the most important thing is that although the heat resistance of silicone kitchen utensils is high, but it can only To meet the requirements of making Western food, for Chinese food, its heat resistance is still lower than that of Chinese food. For example, the high temperature when cooking on high heat often makes silicone tableware unrecognizable.