Why is the cost of the silicone button to open the sample mold more expensive than the hand board?

- Jan 27, 2019-

When customers customize products, it is a matter of course to pay attention to the price of the products. Sometimes, if you pay too much attention to the price of the products, you will lose the characteristic value of the products themselves. In our silicone products industry, we have encountered many customers who are too concerned about the price.

Not long ago, a customer in Shanghai needed to customize a silicone button. The shape of the customer's product has been fixed, but there are some small details in the structure. The sample needs to be tested first, because it is necessary to test the details. Structure, therefore, we recommend that customers open a sample model for trial use, but after communicating with the customer, the customer chooses to do the method of the model because of the price reason, and the customer ignores some key parts.

As for the production cost of the silicone button to open the sample mold, why is it more expensive than the hand board? Let's explain it to everyone.

First of all, the silicone button opening sample is processed with the same steel as the mass production mold, except that the sample mold is a small piece and only one cavity is made, so that the added silicone button has high dimensional accuracy, which is much higher than the dimensional accuracy of the hand plate. .

Secondly, because the silicone button is designed with a slanted wall, if the button on the hand plate is not flat, it may be broken by one press, and the hand feel is very poor, and the inclined wall can be designed by the sample mode. Well, greatly improve the life of the silicone button and the feel of the button.

Finally, the silicone button formed by the sample molding can have a very flat surface, especially for the appearance of the part, such as surface re-screening or fuel injection will have a better effect, and Shouban button, because the surface is rough, if you want to do silk screen and spray on it, the effect is very ugly.