Why is silicone product mildew?

- Aug 06, 2019-


        Recently, weather comparisons in many areas have been heavy rains and hot seasons. This is a season that is easy to catch! In this season, many products are prone to moldy black spots, such as this phenomenon is most likely to occur in relatively humid places! Therefore, many households commonly used silicone kitchen utensils, silicone daily necessities, etc. are prone to this phenomenon, and this phenomenon not only affects the environment, such as silicone kitchen utensils is only one of them, many friends use the cleaning after finishing is directly put into the locker The evaporation and sealing of water droplets is also one of the phenomena causing mold. In addition, silica gel has a strong adsorption capacity. Adsorption and long-term placement of foreign matter in the air deteriorates, darkens and molds. This is inevitable!

       Therefore, before the mildew phenomenon occurs in the silicone kitchenware, you should first find the moldy problem to prevent it. In addition to the effects of the climate, the main causes of mold include some additives in the silica gel raw materials, such as silicone oil, toner, vulcanizing agent, etc., which are the main nutrients of these molds. The growth of mold causes the vegetable protein carbohydrates in the silicone rubber to be eroded. In addition, due to the electrostatic action of the inert rubber of the silicone rubber, impurities in the air are adsorbed on the surface of the product, which also causes mold growth.


       General silicone products manufacturers should consider these factors, so the mildew phenomenon in silicone kitchen utensils, in addition to the raw material factors, mainly depends on their own control, silicone kitchen utensils can be kept in the ventilated place to keep clean after cleaning, after the silicone product cleaning is completed, according to the temperature and The difference in humidity, choose to dry for 1-2 hours, in order to facilitate the gap dry, will not cause mildew. After mold, it can be wiped with alcohol. If it is difficult to solve several methods, it can be treated with a mildew inhibitor. The mold inhibitor should have high thermal stability. Good weatherability Low volatility and good material compatibility. In addition, you should choose a safer variety for your body.