Why Does Silicon Rubber Product Appear Dark Mark?

- Aug 26, 2019-


    Silicone products manufacturing steps, sometimes produced goods will produce viscera tone in no way and water ripple effect, this effect known as "dark mark", is a bad phenomenon.

Why does silicon rubber product appear dark mark?

1. The temperature resistance of color paste is very low, which leads to water ripple effect on the surface of silicone rubber products.

    Textile forming cause of the dark mark rubber, its are tonal are replaced by two more than color paste distribution and thus, if a few kinds of color paste and heat-resistant effectiveness lies far away, will cause to the forming of low temperature and some color paste didn't fade, thus some little color paste due to thermal efficiency and fade, the goods after forming the surface water ripple effect.

2, forming concentration is less than the color paste of the temperature-resistant area fade, resulting in silicone rubber surface color is not the same.

3, the discharge method is not appropriate and different types of rubber mixed together to form the surface color of silicone rubber products is not the same.