Why does a silicone product factory want customers to open a sample mold?

- May 23, 2019-

Why does a silicone product factory want customers to open a sample mold?

Silicone Products Factory is a silicone manufacturer specializing in customizing all kinds of silicone products, silicone mobile phone sets and silicone tablet sets according to customer's drawings or samples. All the silicone products of the company are not directly customized, they must first open the silicone mold. Produced, so the open silicone mold is very important for custom silicone products, because the mold is not open or can not be opened, it is impossible to produce the silicone products you need.


Silicone molds We usually divide the sample molds and production molds. The sample molds are commonly called proofing. The production molds are mass-produced and large-sized. So what customers need to open the sample molds, and under what circumstances, directly open the production molds! Let me tell you the following:

First, for the newly developed products of customers, the design scheme is not mature. We recommend that customers do sample models and try to install and test them to save development time and development cost for customers.

Second, some customers' new development product development stage, the amount of early development is small, the program is not mature, and the problem is revised repeatedly. In order to save the development cost of the customer, it is recommended that the customer first open the sample mold to test the production in small batches, so that the mold opening time is fast and the cost is cost. Low, customers can be re-satisfied with the dissatisfaction, scrapping costs are relatively low.

Third, how customers need large-scale customization and design plans are mature, we will directly open production molds, silicone products factory has more than 120 professional teams, more than 30 sets of fully automatic vacuum equipment, with silk screen printing integrated production line, can Meet the production needs of customers, and give customers the most customized customization needs in the fastest time.