​Why Do We Need to Produce the Sample Mold First When Producing The Mold?

- Sep 16, 2020-

  Recently, a customer ordered a piece of miscellaneous silica gel. During the chat, the customer did not understand why the sample mold should be opened first? Why not directly open the mass production model if there are 3D graphics files? Sample mold and mass production mold should be two professional terms that appear more frequently in the silicone industry. Customized silicone manufacturers will require customers to open sample molds first, so why do you need to open sample molds first when making silicone products?

   1. Low cost. The number of holes in the sample mold is small, the use of the template is small, the processing time is naturally short, and the cost is low.

   2. Confirm the structure of the product. With mold opening, customers put forward new requirements at any time during mold opening, and we can modify the mold at any time according to customer requirements. After modifying the mold, make a few samples and send it to the customer for confirmation.

   3. Reduce risk. If you open the large mold directly, you will have to modify the large mold with time and effort if the customer is not satisfied with the product. The modification of the mass production mold will cause quality problems, so the gain is not worth the loss. Open the sample mold first, and if there is no problem, open the large mold at one time, and the product can be produced smoothly in the later stage.