Why Do The Silicone Buttons Use Laser Carving Technology?

- Sep 03, 2020-

Under what circumstances will laser engraving buttons be used?

Because the laser carving button usually touches a layer of ink on the surface of the transparent silicone button (the color of the ink is determined by the art design), and then use the laser carving equipment to carve the ink on the surface of the silicone button according to the shape and size of the character to make the character There is no ink in the position to achieve light transmission, but the position other than the character does not transmit light. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the laser carving process is considered only if the silicone keys with light transmission requirements are required, because the laser carving process is complicated to operate, and the unit price of the laser carving process is higher.


 Laser carving button

  2: Comprehensive understanding of the laser carving process of silicone buttons

Laser laser engraving is abbreviated as laser engraving, and it is also called laser marking in the industry. It is a kind of surface treatment process for silicone buttons. The appearance effect is similar to that of silicone button screen printing, and text and various symbols are printed on the surface of silicone buttons. Wait. Laser carving uses optical principles to process the surface of the silica gel buttons to form the required text and symbol patterns on the surface of the silica gel buttons. It is now mainly used in mobile phones, electronic dictionary keyboards and remote control buttons. Under the condition of sufficient light source, the appearance of the silicone keys with laser carving process is very similar to the appearance of silk-screen keys, and it is difficult to distinguish between the two without professionals. If you touch the characters of the laser-engraved keys with your hands, there will be a concave feeling, while the characters of the silk-printed keys will have a convex feeling. However, the concavity and convexity is very subtle, and you need to understand it carefully.

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  The purpose of laser carving is to use the laser to burn out the required characters and patterns with the color oil sprayed on the surface of the silicone buttons. Therefore, the silicone buttons that require laser carving process usually need to be sprayed with oil. For example, a silicone button has a black surface. , The character is red. According to this appearance requirement, we can achieve this by printing the black background first and then printing the red characters. However, if the red characters are required to transmit light, then the silk printing process cannot be realized, because the black background cannot transmit light. At that time, we need to use laser engraving. The specific operations are as follows:

Laser carving button

  First of all, the background color of the silicone button should be transparent silk screen when forming, and then the red silk bottom should be screen printed on the surface of the silicone button or red ink should be sprayed directly. At this time, the concentration of red ink should be low, or the thickness of the silk screen spray should be thin to facilitate light transmission. . Then spray the black ink process on the surface of the silk screen or sprayed with the red ink, and then use the laser laser beam to engrave on the surface of the silicone button to make the black ink fall off and expose the red bottom. At this time, we can see the red Because the red ink is at the bottom, the surface of the silicone button can transmit light at this time, and because the black ink is on the top, it will not cause light leakage outside the characters. The laser-engraved character patterns can be adjusted to any desired pattern according to the appearance design.