Why Children's Silicone Dinner Plates Are Called Integrated Silicone Dinner Plates?

- Jan 06, 2020-

Why Children's Silicone Dinner Plates Are Called Integrated Silicone Dinner Plates?

Children's Silicone dinner plate is a kind of silicone maternal and child products in silicone products. It is made of food-grade silicone through high temperature vulcanization. The product is non-toxic, odorless, and resistant to high and low temperatures (-40 ~ 200 degrees). , Beautiful color, soft feel and so on. A silicone product that can be found in many parent-child restaurants or personal homes. Silicone dinner plates are generally designed in a grid pattern and can be filled in a plate such as rice, dishes, soup, etc. In terms of shape, children's silicone dinner plates are quite rich. The common silicone dinner plates with smiley faces, animal dolls, and cartoon characters can be described as “a hundred flowers bloom together”. The styles are not exaggerated! In terms of color, there are also multi-colored ships, generally warm colors!

As mentioned above, the dinner plate is generally used by children. So, the silicone dinner plate is not called a children's dinner plate but an integrated silicone dinner plate? I think there may be such a reason!


Silicone dinner plates are mainly used to attract children ’s attention in the early stage of use. Many children are not “honest” when they eat. They always move around there, which is very sad for parents. They always chase after children to eat, while children When eating disorderly, he is usually looking for what he wants, so this silicone dinner plate is very cater to the children's attention, so you can eat and play. Starting from a point, the single silicone bowl from the beginning gradually evolved into a silicone plate now, which can be divided into several compartments, but it is still 3-4 compartments, which are used for rice, soup, and dishes! This appearance changed the name of the silicone dinner plate, which is generally called the grid silicone dinner plate, which also relieved the problem of too many kitchen utensils. Only one silicone plate was needed to get all the dishes! However, from the perspective of a custom manufacturer of silicone dinner plates, this transformation is still not enough to reflect its charm! Because there are a lot of silicone dinner plates now, in addition to the design of a few points, there are no other dining tools such as chopsticks, knives, forks! And the suction cup is also designed on the bottom of the silicone dinner plate, the purpose is not to let the older children let the silicone dinner plate run around while eating!

From the original silicone bowl to the silicone dinner plate to the grid silicone dinner plate to today's one-piece silicone dinner plate, this is enough to show that this name is very correct, and also thanks to these designers and silicone Product manufacturers, they used wisdom to design such a very practical tableware! Why children's silicone dinner plates are called integrated silicone dinner plates? It should be fully understood now. Hurry up and buy one for your kids!