Which silicone buttons are suitable for laser engraving

- Jan 14, 2019-

Laser laser engraving is referred to as laser engraving. It can also be called laser marking in the industry. It is a common process for surface treatment of silicone buttons. The appearance of laser engraving is similar to that of silicone button printing. Symbolic pattern or text. The laser engraving uses the principle of optics to process the surface of the silicone button to form the desired text or symbol pattern on the surface of the silicone button. Under the condition of sufficient light source, the appearance of the silicone button using the laser engraving process and the silk screen of the silk screen are very good. Similarly, if it is not difficult for professionals to distinguish it, for the laser-engraved button, there will be a concave feeling when the character is touched by the hand, and the silk-screened silicone button is convex, but the unevenness is very weak and needs to be carefully observed.

The purpose of the laser engraving is to use the laser to burn out the required characters or patterns on the surface of the silicone button. Therefore, the silicone button using the laser engraving process usually needs to be sprayed. For example, a silicone button has a black surface and the characters are Red, according to the requirements of this appearance, we can first print the black bottom and then print the red character to achieve, but if the red character is required to transmit light, then the silk screen can not be achieved, then we need to use the laser engraving.