What should I do if the silicone button is linked?

- Jan 08, 2019-

The silicone button interlocking reaction refers to the simultaneous occurrence of two functions at the KEY on the silicone button, that is, when the silicone button and the PCB board are in contact, two or more conductive contacts are in contact with the PC circuit board, and the touch is encountered. What should I do to get to this problem, how should I avoid it? Let's talk about a real case of the problem of silicone button linkage.

We have a customer, their buttons have a phenomenon of up and down, left and right, they used a lot of improved methods in the existing silicone button manufacturers, and ultimately did not solve this problem, then he really has no way to find us ES online Dongcheng, when our engineers understood the problem, there was no way to ask the customer to mail the sample machine to us. After we received the sample model, we found that there was a problem with the design of the silicone button.

In the end, the modification of the structure by our engineers completely solved the linkage problem, and it was precisely because we helped the customer solve the linkage problem, we also reached a long-term cooperative relationship.