What`s the Characters and Advantages Of Silicone?

- Nov 14, 2019-

What`s the Characters and Advantages Of Silicone?

What`s the Characters and Advantages Of Silicone?

Economic Use

As the most stable polymer available, silicones offer superior reliability, excellent service life and reduced production costs.  The compounds are simple to mix and do not contain flammable or toxic solvents.  Silicone will cure at room temperature, eliminating heating costs associated with oven-cured polymers.  Cure rates can be adjusted, allowing flexibility in production line use.


Versatile Application

Silicones offer excellent release characteristics, ideal for casting epoxy, polyester, polyurethane and other plastic parts.  The compounds will bond to primed surfaces.  Silicone rubbers cure in deep sections as needed for electrical potting and encapsulating, casting rubber parts and flexible prototype tooling.


Environmental Resistance

Silicone polymers offer the best long term resistance to environmental extremes.   With appropriate formulation, the chemical, electrical and mechanical properties of silicones remain virtually unchanged at temperatures from 600° F. to -160° F.  Further, these durable rubbers are unaffected by ultraviolet light or ozone and have been successfully tested in accelerated aging machines for extended periods.   Silicones have a low flammability rating ...they do not support or promote flame and do not produce toxic combustion by-products.


Physiologically Inert

Used extensively in medical applications, silicone rubbers have caused no adverse health reactions in clinical testing or field application.


Chemical Resistance

Silicones resist acids, bases, solvents, chemicals, oils and water.

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