What Is The Reason Why Silicone Jewelry Is Easy To Crack!

- Nov 05, 2019-


            The phenomenon of tearing and breaking of the product seriously affects the consumer's desire to purchase, so the quality of the silicone jewelry becomes the key. For example, the silicone necklace or the silicone bracelet is a manufacturer. There are many ways to prevent it from breaking. It is naturally better to use common sense and cherish a little friend. However, the use of each consumer is different, and the quality of the product is different. Therefore, it is most important to control the quality of the silicone product at the source.

          The material of the jewelry is the key. The raw materials with higher quality will have a good service life. However, different market prices will naturally produce different quality requirements, so the requirements for raw materials are also different. Branded silicone jewelry usually chooses the pulling effect. Better rubber compounds, such as Huawei bracelets, millet bracelets, etc., and the quality of the integrated shopping malls and the stalls will be different, so the price of positioning products is still important, but the formula and effect will still be certain. The difference, good materials may not be able to make brand jewelry, bad materials may not necessarily be a stall!

           For workmanship problems, the production and processing of silicone jewelry manufacturers also control the quality of silica gel. The quality of the products depends on the control of the production personnel. The reason why the products are too brittle is mainly because the processing temperature is too high and the curing time is too long. It is too brittle and exceeds the temperature range of the material. The main control is the temperature of the vulcanizing machine and the processing time. During the processing, there is no way to adjust the parameters and the time of the die!


          The quality of the product is the main reason. For example, if the product is produced with small damage and breakage during the trimming of the post-process, the silicone material is a must-have material. If the product is damaged by sharp blades, the product cannot be remedied. After long-term stress, it will cause its tearing mouth to gradually become larger, so it is recommended that consumers should not touch the sharp blade when wearing silicone jewelry, otherwise you will lose it!

The main structural problem is also on the one hand. Under normal circumstances, the silicone material does not have a right angle and a large angle structure. If it is, it will also add some R chamfers to maintain the roundness in the corner of the product, so the hardness of the product material is high. In the case of a certain angle and right angle of the product, it is likely to cause breakage and tearing. Another factor is that the hardness of the product determines its tensile force. The higher the hardness, the more brittle the product is, and the thickness is combined with the thickness. The degree of thickness causes the tear to become brittle and has a certain effect!