What Is The Reason For The Different Hardness Of Silicone Products?

- Aug 28, 2019-


        In the commonly used silica gel products, no matter whether the hardness of the products does not meet the requirements, it cannot guarantee the normal use of the phenomenon, which is different from the hardness of the silica gel products which does not meet the local phenomenon.The main reason is some problems in the molding curing process, and it can basically be obtained from machine equipment and personnel control while ensuring the hardness of the product raw materials.Recently, many friends have reported that their electronic buttons have such products.Due to the hardness and softness of the button, the toughness of the button is not good enough, and there is no rebound phenomenon after the installation.



        This situation is caused by the manufacturers of organic silicon products. The raw materials and machine equipment are guaranteed to be normal, that is, the production of personnel and the problems of The Times. Generally, the manufacturers of organic silicon products will confirm the degree of raw materials mixed in the samples needed to ensure that the hardness requirements of the customers meet the standards.After mixing, the temperature of the machine is adjusted from the pressure and drainage holes.It is necessary to determine the curing time to achieve optimal results, so after a thorough inspection, the cause can be found in the operation method. 

       It does not need to be too hard or too soft for the hardness of the product.

Normally, silicone rubber products will be adjusted from time to time, it is necessary to make more suitable products to adjust the time.According to the previous models of products, can achieve whether the product hardness.If two or three degrees of mold temperature is not enough, the time will be extended.If the hand feels too hard and not too brittle, it will crack easily in the future.You can reduce the time it takes to increase production time.Too brittle, then just lower the temperature until the bubbles are bad.The hardness of organic silicon products may seriously affect the normal use.

      Therefore, when manufacturing, try to make the product soft so as to achieve the best feel, hard and soft.