What Is The Processing Process Of Silicone Injection Molding Machine?

- Nov 12, 2019-


        Following the footsteps of the times, mechanical equipment, automation equipment applications are more and more, and most of the mechanical equipment, or work efficiency, processing speed, quality is much higher, this is also the mechanical equipment in the processing manufacturers, or wholesale manufacturers Important.

        First, the clamping unit is closed to form the produced, while the plastic pellets or pellets are heated to the negative mold process at the melting point of the injection barrel and held until the next step of the preparation is ready. The literal pressure must be applied to the clamp to ensure that there is no leakage of molten plastic. The molten plastic is forced by the screw device to force the plastic into the mold to inject into the mold. In the residential phase, hydraulic or mechanical pressure is then applied to ensure that the molten plastic is filled with cavities within the mold. The plastic is then allowed to cool and solidify.


      Silicone injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine application market is how?

      The plastic is then cooled, the mold is opened, and the top pin is used to eject the plastic form. The mold is then clamped off and ready for the next injection. The time between each cycle between 10 and 100 seconds, depending on the amount of time plasticity required to cool in the mold.

Silicone injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine application market is how?


      When designing the mold itself, it is important to note the fact that although they are dried during the injection molding process the plastics and resins can be shrunk to the factors. There are several ways to make up for this shrinkage. The mold itself may be slightly enlarged and possibly present after the second injection into the mold, in other portions of the first round of plastic shrinkage to fill the mold. The amount of uncompensated plastic that will shrink may result in an incorrect size or warped product. It is also used in the injection device to be carefully maintained so that the temperature of the plastic that does not burn or deform is important. The motor that controls the screw must also be accurately calibrated to ensure that the correct amount of plastic is injected into each cycle of the mold.