What is the process of scratching the silicone button?

- Feb 05, 2019-

Many people want to know how the surface pattern and characters of the silicone buttons are added. In fact, this can be achieved by some processes such as silk screen printing, epoxy dispensing, and laser engraving, just for the best wear resistance of patterns or characters. At this time, it is necessary to consider the use of the scraping process.

Although scraping paint can greatly improve the wear resistance of silicone button patterns and characters, the operation difficulty of scraping paint is very large, which makes many small silicone products factories stop and look, then, what is the silicone button scraping process? What about it?

1. Pattern and character groove making

Firstly, the desired pattern and characters are formed on the mold of the silicone button, so that the surface of the silicone button can form the desired groove after the button is formed.

Second, the use of ink

The ink is evenly dropped on the surface pattern of the silicone button and the groove of the character. It should be noted that the ordinary paint cannot be adsorbed on the surface of the silicone button, and a special silicone ink is needed.

3. Ink removal

Remove excess ink from the pattern and the character groove

4. Ink curing

The silicone button is baked in the oven to allow the ink in the groove to be completely cured.

Summary: Although the use of the scraping process can greatly improve the wear resistance of the surface characters and patterns of the silicone button, but because of its difficulty in operation, the cost is also high, far higher than the process of laser engraving, silk screen printing, epoxy, etc. Because we are in the process of character processing of silicone surface, we need to consult the customer's specific requirements for the product, and screen the most suitable process, in order to maximize efficiency and help the company's orderly development.