What Is The Impact Of Product Design Structure On The Production Of Silicone Products ,anufacturers?

- Oct 28, 2019-


          In the normal form, the design methods and ideas of the products are often related to the finished product manufacturing process. If you don't understand the process, it is difficult to solve a qualified product. As I said, many customers' new solutions are in the structure of silicone products. And the drawings often conflict with the processing technology, and the molds of the silicone products manufacturers may conflict with the molding process, so personally feel that this is a drawback of the current silicone product development design and creative design, the designer The processing technology and mold process are unfamiliar, and the mold process is not familiar with production technology!

         It is true that the master of painting in China is really very good. I want you to simulate 3D drawings for any product, in the mold industry, plastic industry, silicone industry, hardware industry, etc., but many designers ignore the production process, such as mold. Make his style, whether the milling path is correct, whether the machine is processed, whether the size and shape can be achieved, whether different materials can meet its requirements, and the problems that are easy to appear in the silicone rubber industry are as follows point.

         Mold design problem: The product design is too thin, which may cause the mold to fall off and is not easy to process the mold. The product has internal grooves that make the mold file cannot be processed. The product size structure is complicated and it is not convenient to open too many holes, etc.

       Molding process problems: The product is too thin, the mold has achieved the effect, but the product has no self-demolition, the product is too thick to process, difficult to form, hard and soft, the product requirements are softer, and the shape of the design can not achieve a very soft effect, on the contrary Hard, maybe the idea will follow the plastic molding, but the silicone is a soft material, there are certain technical principles.

         In addition to some colors or multi-color appearance, but the current process can not reach what they want, this is also a cumbersome thing, so you can look at several moldings of silicone when designing drawings. Craft and coloring, appearance treatment and more. Only by understanding the process can you understand the details of the design problem.