What is The Difference Between Silicone injection And Non-injection, And Why Should Silicone Products be injected?

- May 13, 2020-

Do you find that the silicone products you use are prone to dust? After a period of time, there are layers of dust or granular substances on the surface of the silicone products; why is this? This is because silicone manufacturers are producing the silicone During the process of the product, the product was not sprayed. Silicone oil spray is also called silicone spray oil (PU ink). The following is a detailed introduction by Rongjin silicone manufacturers to explain the difference between silicone oil spray and non-oil spray. Why do silicone products need to be sprayed?

Silicone fuel injection products


First of all, let's talk about why silicone products should be sprayed with oil. There are two main purposes of silicone fuel injection:

1. Oil spray can increase the comfort of the product. After the silicone product is sprayed, a special layer of ink is formed on the surface, so that the person who touches it feels extremely comfortable.

2. The main purpose of silicone product oil injection is anti-static, so as to achieve dust-proof effect; silicone material is inert material, anti-static ability is small, so it is easy to cause silica gel products to attract dust and dust! Recommended reading: How to improve the dust resistance of silicone products

Silicone spray oil products

The gap between silicone oil injection and non-oil injection is very large, and the effect after the oil injection is also very obvious. The reason why we mentioned above is to spray oil on silicone products is also because the silicone products after oil injection have a good feel and strong dustproof ability. So if the silicone products are not sprayed, the products will not be able to avoid ash and vacuum; you will definitely think: the product does not spray, will there be other ways to make the silicone products not vacuum? We answer: Of course That's it! You just need to consult our customer service staff.

In addition, Rongjin silicone manufacturers remind everyone: the silicone oil sprays on the market are basically poisonous, not using environmentally friendly inks, and they are all baked at high temperature, which is harmful to the product; our company has low temperature environmentally friendly inks, It can meet your silicone fuel injection needs. If you have any requirements, please contact us below.