What Is The Difference Between Extruded Silicone Strips And Molded Silicone Rubber Products?

- Nov 21, 2019-


              In 2018, after industry statistics, the amount of silicone rubber sealing products far exceeds that of other materials, and the use of silicone sealing strips is second only to the amount of sealing glue. In the mechanical and electrical industry, the civil construction industry, the use of silicone rubber The demand is far beyond your imagination. During the process of use, the silicone sealing strip can be used in different industrial fields. It is mainly used for dustproof, waterproof, sealed, cushioning and fixed shock absorption, so the product is for quality. Quality control and precautions are still necessary.

             For silicone rubber sealing strips, its production process is divided into two types. Different product sizes choose different processing techniques. In the processing process, the extrusion process occupies the majority, but some small electronic products and sealed strips are usually made by molding. And different processes have different attention issues.

Extrusion process:

            For building doors and windows, large mechanical seals and door buffer electronic shock absorbers, many times the size and design shape of the product is the core issue affecting performance. In the extrusion process, the shape design of the product is the core key, such as the size For the I-shaped or relatively thin barb type, the size of the extrusion process will be more difficult, and the product is too large. The size of the product without a fixed support point will also cause deformation.

          Extrusion processing is a relatively stable production process. From the current form, the extrusion process accounts for more than 70% of the production and processing of silicone sealing strips. Therefore, many silicone sealing strip processing manufacturers will choose to use extrusion to abandon the molding process. The quality control problem of the product is concentrated on the bubbles, deformation, appearance quality and material.

Molding process:

          Targeted processing methods In addition to extrusion, mold curing is one of the more popular methods, but it is different from the size of silicone extruded strips. The difference between extrusion processing and molding production is that one It is possible to make wireless extended lengths without any parting line appearance, and the molding process can make any square, round and different shape seal shapes.

         Therefore, they each have their own advantages. Usually, the length dimension exceeds the range of the molding processing, and the extrusion strip is selected for bonding. On the contrary, the bonding effect is not suitable for the molding production, and the molding processing can be selected.

          The troublesome production of silicone molding is that the product efficiency is lower than that of extrusion, so the cost is too high, and in the production process, the sealing performance of many silicone sealing rings will be affected by the parting line, and the hardness of the product will be low and the parting line will be broken. Phenomenon, these bad reasons are caused by the control method and the quality requirements of the product during the molding production. Secondly, for the manufacturer of the sealed silicone strip, the most important difficulty in the high-temperature vulcanization molding process is the size and thickness of the product, such as the product size is too large or The larger the diameter, the longer the processing time is, the lower the efficiency, and the larger the size, the product is not cooked and cannot be vulcanized.