What is the difference between choosing a food grade for a silicone product and choosing a normal grade?

- May 08, 2019-

Taking the green environmental protection route is a conceptual direction of China's current policy advocating the development of mergers and acquisitions, so this also creates green peace and development as the primary line of our future social development, and the foundation of development lies in industry, industry, agriculture and other industries. All of them are advancing in this direction, so among the environmentally friendly green industries, environmentally friendly silicone products have become one of our green development paths.


Some people say that there are forest gardens in agriculture, environmental protection in the industry, light industry in industry, and the fact that there is silica gel in life. So far, more and more daily-use products and auxiliary tools have been replaced by silicone materials. Therefore, silicone household products are still favored products. As we currently use maternal and child products, this type of product is relatively early in use with infants, but now every industry has disadvantages and advantages, you How do you identify the good and bad of maternal and child supplies?


Eating environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless is a symbol of silicone products, and this symbol has different differences and problems. Common materials and food-grade materials or medical grade materials and other characteristic materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, and foods. The grade material is a kind of product that can achieve no harm to the mouth and the body, and can meet various testing and certification standards. For daily necessities, maternal and child products are more common.


The difference between it and the ordinary silicone rubber products lies in the size of the silicon atom in the material and the proportion of the molecular composition of the silicone. Generally, the molecular size of the ordinary silica gel miscellaneous pieces is about 400 molecules, while the food grade gas phase glue can reach 1000. Molecular detail, the structure is different, the quality and toughness of the product and the tensile rebound and even the feel are different, which can also detect its odor, structural fixability, light transmission, corrosion resistance, and other tests. standard.

There are many ways to determine whether silicone maternal and child products are food grade silicone materials. You can try to stretch and rebound to see if 100% of them are restored. If there is blushing in long-term stretching, if there is no whitening, the proof material No problem, strong stress can be restored immediately after long-term compression, feel better and have a certain toughness strength, and the more effective method is to see if there is whitish phenomenon after stretching.