What is The Difference Between a Silicone Mouse Pad And a Rubber Mouse Pad?

- Jun 16, 2020-

Silicone mouse pad is also a kind of commodity in silicone products. Its processing materials are silicone and lycra cloth. It is usually used for wireless mouse, optical mouse, roller mouse matching, etc. It uses ergonomic scientific design to provide you with Safe and suitable wrist protection, reduce the fatigue of using the mouse wrist during working hours, is the first choice to use a computer to work or game player, and can customize the appearance and logo according to their needs.

Therefore, silicone mouse pads are also widely used in promotional activities and the most practical promotional gift advertisements.

Which is better, silicone rubber mouse pad and rubber mouse pad?

Compared with the silicone rubber mouse pad, the rubber mouse pad is simple and aging. Generally, the silicone rubber mouse pad feels better than the rubber mouse pad. The rubber mouse pad smells a bit of an odor. It does not feel very environmentally friendly, and the color is very single, only Made of black, it cannot satisfy the characteristics of modern city residents or game lovers.

The difference in silicone mouse pad is that its function and color are very practical, which is helpful for pulling out the wrist joint, effectively maintaining the wrist, reducing hand fatigue and injury, avoiding occupational diseases, avoiding rubbing and blistering of the hand and computer tabletop, which is conducive to The flexibility and accuracy of the mouse during operation.

The silicone mouse pad is soft in fabric, has a strong adsorption to the table, and is not easy to move. It is more suitable for crazy game lovers and can maintain the normal blood circulation of the wrist. The silicone mouse pad is soft and flexible, and can be washed repeatedly without fading or deformation, and is easy to carry.