What is the contact resistance of the silicone button?

- Jan 21, 2019-

Speaking of silicone button contact resistance, many friends may not know what it is. In fact, this refers to the resistance of the conductive particles on the back of the silicone button. As a professional custom silicone button manufacturer, we will explain to you how much the contact resistance of the silicone button is normal. .

For conventional conductive particles, it is normal within 500 ohms. Of course, if the requirement is lower, it is ok. This requires starting from the conductive process of the silicone button design.

At present, the conductive technology of the silicone button is divided into the following types: conductive ink, metal conductive particles (silver particles, gold particles, etc.), carbon particles, conductive silicone rubber (aluminum-silver conductive particles, carbon-nickel conductive particles), in the above several conductive processes Among them, the most common conductive methods are conductive ink and carbon particles.

The contact resistance of the silicone button conductive ink is less than 500 ohms, the contact resistance of the carbon particles is within 100 ohms, and the contact resistance of the metal conductive particles and the conductive silicone rubber are within 1 ohm. Therefore, our ES Dongcheng will be based on custom silicone buttons. The contact resistance requirements are different and it is recommended that you have a different conductive process. Of course, the costs associated with different types of conductive processes are certainly different.