What is the bad feeling of the oil-sprayed silicone button?

- Jan 22, 2019-

In the process of producing oil-sprayed silicone buttons. Sometimes there will be a lot of problems, such as a bad hand. For many problems, those unprofessional silicone button manufacturers will be overwhelmed. Therefore, the price is cheap, it may be cheap, and there is no good.

Today, from a professional point of view to explain to everyone why the spray silicone button will appear bad. There are generally two reasons for this to happen.

1. The silicone button itself is uneven in weight during molding, resulting in light and heavy hand feeling.

2. When the silicone button is sprayed with white oil or black oil, the uneven thickness causes the elastic wall of the button to be thick and affects the hand feeling.

In the process of designing the silicone button, we must constantly find the problem to solve the problem better and make our button products more perfect. Next, let's talk about the aspects that can avoid the button feel bad.

The silicone button is used for weighing production during molding, which reduces and prevents the hand feeling caused by the molding of the button product from being light and heavy.

When the silicone button is sprayed, 4 faces are sprayed under the surface of 2mm without light transmission standard, so as to avoid the uneven thickness of the spray, which leads to the hard feeling on both sides. Of course, the specific button products need to be determined according to the nasal conditions.