What Is A Silicone Lampshade?

- Sep 24, 2019-


           We have all heard of the lampshade, which is a kind of cover placed on the light bulb to prevent the light from collecting. In the life, the lights of the bedroom and the study need a lampshade, especially in luxury restaurants and star-rated hotels. a product.

        So what is the difference between a silicone lampshade and other material shades? First, let's compare it with workmanship:


       1. Silicone has many kinds of colors, flexible operation, can do a variety of colors, and has low cost. Other material shades are difficult to achieve, or the cost is high;

       2, the silica gel itself has heat insulation, radiation protection around, and the temperature is indeed the strength of silica gel, can be adapted from -80 to +320 degrees, is a very good flame retardant material. Others, either plastic or stickers, do not achieve this feature;

       3. Compared with other materials, the silicone lampshade has better light shielding and light transmission;

       4, the characteristics of the silica gel phase is long life, can withstand the test of long-term high temperature and climate, not easy to age;

       5, easy to transport, not easy to break, the damage rate of the lampshade is lower than other materials.


        At present, silicone lampshades are sold well in Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries. At present, there is still a big gap in the domestic market. The products produced by our company are mainly aimed at foreign markets. The rise of the domestic market in the past one or two months has led to the domesticization of silicone lampshades. The development of the market, I believe this is a very broad blue ocean market.