What do you need to provide for the silicone button factory?

- Feb 06, 2019-

Our online source requires customers who have customized silicone buttons. Many of them are the first ones. It is not very clear what needs to be provided for the silicone button opening. For the majority of users, what do you need for silicone button opening? What are the ways to open a mold?

Sample customization

If you have a silicone button sample, our engineers can draw 3D drawings and process drawings based on your physical samples. The products produced by the mold are exactly the same as your silicone button samples.

To map customization

If you have 3D drawings and process drawings of silicone buttons, we will open the mold for customization, which is also the fastest and fastest way to open mold production.

Design for generation

Customers can also design silicone buttons for your case by providing the case or case diagram and the board layout.

Design for generation

If you don't have samples or drawings, we can use the design scheme. Customers only need to provide the chassis and case diagrams and board layout diagrams. Our ES also helps to design the most suitable and most satisfactory silicone buttons.

Like the general silicone products factory can only provide the first two silicone button open mold customization services, is also common to map custom samples, and our factory can be designed on behalf of customers, it is because we have senior silicone button engineering designer, we We can modify the map according to the customer's requirements, and finally reach the level of customer satisfaction!

The domestic general production of silicone button factory is mainly based on silica gel products. It can only provide sample customization and map customization. ES Dongcheng is a professional silicone button manufacturer. There are many senior silicone button design engineers to support. In order to design for the customer, for some customers, the complex structure requirements of the silicone button, of course, so easy!