What Causes The Deformation Of Silicone Products?

- Sep 12, 2019-


        What causes the deformation of silicone products? Today, Xiaobian communicated through production and found that these three reasons are likely to cause deformation of the silicone products, hoping to help everyone.


        1. Long-term work does not move to cause permanent deformation. It is used under high pressure for a long time. It is easy to deform for products with relatively hard materials under high pressure.


        2, the impact of the elongation rate, the hardness of the product to determine, the general silicone rubber pull rate can reach 300% to 600% (softer material), but excessive stretching during use will directly lead to deformation and Loss of stretch permanent deformation, so should not be excessively stretched during use, regardless of industrial products, daily necessities or silicone jewelry are the same.


        3, the temperature of the occasion, a wet place, when the silicone rubber products work, in the use of humid high temperature conditions, the deformation will gradually deform, but with the temperature adaptation and decline will also lead to silicone products Slight deformation. Therefore, whether it is industrially applied accessories or sealed products, in addition to artificial thinking that try not to let silicone products stretch for a long time.