What Are The Unique Advantages Of The Popular Silicone Seals!

- Nov 08, 2019-


           All know that sealed products have a lot of functions, come out in heavy industry machinery, outside the electronics industry, in the life, their role is often beyond your imagination! In life, the sealing ring is more commonly used in kitchenware items, mainly used for insurance, heat preservation, water dispensers, rice cookers, water cups, ovens, kettles, etc., so most of the daily necessities are inseparable from the tight elasticity. The sealing function, once lost, affects the practical function of the entire product! So what do you know about the advantages of silicone sealing products?

          The silicone sealing ring can make your product have a good fresh-keeping effect. It can protect the food and prevent leakage of gas during use. Silicone is called environmentally friendly material because it can meet the standards of food-grade materials. With the requirements, it is completely in line with the green protective equipment!

          Silicone products have certain environmental adaptability, can be applied under high and low temperature conditions, and maintain good appearance and non-deformation state. Under high and low temperature environment, they will not decompose harmful chemical substances, so in high-voltage rice It can be applied around the pot and the refrigerator. As long as there is no dimensional deviation on the product frame, there will be no leakage.

           At present, many industrial rubber sealing products are gradually replaced by silicone materials. The main reason is that it has better elasticity and can be used normally in different temperature environments. It can be divided in terms of toughness and pull-up rebound strength. For a variety of different materials, there are ordinary tensile strength and pure high tensile raw materials, and the choice of daily life materials must meet the environmental protection level, so pure high tensile raw materials are inevitable, naturally can not reach the toughness rebound strength. Break, no deformation, good rebound effect.

          The production principle of the silicone sealing products is mainly through the vulcanization of the silicone products manufacturers after the vulcanization aids are subjected to vulcanization at a high temperature of about 200 degrees. The temperature resistance, toughness and environmental compatibility are excellent, so the sealed products are obtained. After understanding, did you feel that the silicone sealant is very powerful?