What Are The Reasons That Cause Silicone Products To Break Easily?

- Jan 06, 2021-

Silicone products are used in various fields because of their comfortable hand feeling, non-toxic, odorless, heat-resistant, non-slip and shock-absorbing, and long use time. However, silicone products are not perfect. When we use silicone products, there will be breakage, such as silicone products used in life, touching sharp objects, multi-stage stretching, etc. Of course, in addition to the reasons for the breakage caused by the later use of silicone products, it may also be caused by the manufacturer. So, what are the reasons why silicone products are easy to break due to the production process?

1. Raw materials. Raw materials are the key, and the quality of raw materials is poor, and their service life will naturally be affected, while the use of high-quality organic silicon raw materials has a relatively long service life. Therefore, manufacturers of silicone products must prepare high-quality raw materials and various auxiliary materials.

2. Workmanship. The quality of the product depends on the control of the manufacturer. The main cause of product cracking is that the processing temperature is too high and the curing time is too long to exceed the appropriate temperature range of the material, which makes the silicone product too brittle.

3. Process. The brittleness and cracks of the product are mainly due to poor quality, such as small breakages and breaks during trimming in the subsequent process. Since the material is a material that must open when it meets the mouth, if it is scratched with sharp objects, it will not be repaired, and due to long-term effects, the tear opening of the silicone product will gradually increase. Therefore, we try to avoid using sharp objects. Contact with the blade to prevent damage to the product structure and function.

4. The main structure of the product. Under normal circumstances, the silicone material will not have a right angle and a large taper angle structure. Even if there is, some R chamfers will be added to the corners of the silicone product mold to maintain roundness. If the product material has high hardness requirements, and the product has a certain bevel and right angle, it is easy to break and tear. The hardness determines the tensile strength of the product after molding. The higher the hardness, the more brittle the product.

In summary, the reasons why silicone products are easy to break are caused by improper use after purchase, and also caused by manufacturers' raw materials, workmanship, procedures, and product main structure during production. Kateli Silicone Products Factory believes that when we buy silicone products, we must choose reliable manufacturers, and pay attention to whether the products have slight cracks, and avoid sharp objects when using them after purchase.