What are the reasons for white bubbles in silicone products?

- Jun 04, 2019-

What are the reasons for white bubbles in silicone products?

  The wide application of silicone products in various industries has made the development of the silicone industry more and more prosperous. More and more people use silicone products in their lives. It can be seen that silicone products are favored by many consumers. As a silicone product factory, we should do a good job in the quality of silicone products. So what are the reasons for white bubbles in silicone products?

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Silicone product foaming reasons

  There are many poor appearance factors for silicone products! There are many common reasons for the appearance of the customer will often be returned or reworked, the appearance of the reasons will inevitably bring losses to the manufacturers! In the quality of silica gel, we can judge from the five aspects of wear resistance, elasticity, fatigue resistance, tear strength and tensile strength, hardness and tensile stress. Is it a good product, there is life in it? Which silicone products are troublesome for the manufacturer's boss because of the appearance?

Common silicone products have a bad appearance

  White foam appears in the product, and the anatomical opening is empty or white foam. The main reason is that there is air in the silica gel material, and the pressure is released too quickly during the high temperature and high pressure vulcanization process, so that the air in the product expands, or The vulcanization time is long or too short, the molding temperature is too high, and the number of exhausts is too high. The second reason is that the material is missing. Some silicone products factory staff are unevenly placed before the molding, and some have Less, resulting in a shortage of processed products. During the vulcanization process, the vulcanization temperature is too high, and the machine tool pressure is too small, which may result in poor product. When the molding temperature is too high during the processing, the vulcanization of the silicone rubber compound is accelerated, and the flow property of the silicone rubber compound in the molding die is lowered, which causes the silicone product to be small in size and thick in thickness, resulting in defects.