What Are The Problems With Silk Screen Printing Of Silicone Products?

- Sep 25, 2019-


          For the silk screen process, it has many excellent characteristics, good fluidity, strong paste viscosity, high and low temperature stability, good weather resistance and good aging performance. The product has a three-dimensional and hand-feeling pattern, and the silk screen pattern also has excellent peel strength. Wear resistance, brightness; also waterproof, non-slip, breathable, high and low temperature resistance and excellent leveling. What details should be paid attention to during the silk screen printing process in the production process of silicone products manufacturers?

        The printing process requires relatively high pattern, so it will appear in some silicone buttons and silicone protective sleeves. The ink of the product is important for the silk screen process. The good quality ink will improve the quality of the pattern, while some products will be used for a long time. There has been a drop in color, mainly due to several reasons that cause the product to fade:


        1. After the silk screen printing of the silicone product is too low, the baking time is too low, resulting in poor wear resistance of the silk-screened silicone products, and the characters become blurred after several uses;


        2, silk screen printing ink quality is too bad, affecting the surface of silicone products;


        3, the surface of the silicone product is too dirty, hindering the adsorption of screen printing ink and silica gel, causing the character to disappear.