What Are The Plastic Products And What Are The Hazards of Plastic Products?

- Jun 20, 2019-

What Are The Plastic Products And What Are The Hazards of Plastic Products?   


Hazards of plastic products

Plastic products are plastic, the main raw materials for life, industry and other products, including plastics as raw materials for injection molding, plastic absorption and other process products. Plastic is a synthetic polymer material with plasticity.


The plastic is made of synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber, with natural resin or synthetic resin as the main component, adding various additives, molding at a certain temperature and pressure, and maintaining the shape unchanged at room temperature.

What are the hazards of plastic products:

The hazards of plastic products First, it affects the development of agriculture. The accumulation of waste plastic products in the soil affects the absorption of nutrients and water by the crops, which leads to crop yield reduction.

The second hazard of plastic products is that it poses a threat to the survival of animals. Plastic products discarded on land or in water are swallowed by animals, causing the animals to die. Last year, 20 herders on both sides of Qinghai Lake slaughtered nearly 1,000 sheep, with economic losses exceeding 300,000 yuan. Sheep like to eat oily residues in plastic bags, but they often eat with plastic bags. Because the plastic they eat is difficult to digest in their stomachs for a long time, the stomach of the sheep is packaged and can no longer be eaten. Finally, he had to starve to death. This situation is common in zoos, pastoral areas, rural areas and the ocean.

Third, the landfill not only occupies a large amount of land, but the occupied land cannot be recovered for a long time, which affects the sustainable use of the land. Waste plastic products that enter domestic waste, if filled, will not degrade within 200 years. This has caused great damage to the land, changing the acidity and alkalinity of the land, affecting the absorption of nutrients and water by the crops, resulting in a reduction in agricultural production. For plastic products discarded in water or on land, not only does it affect the environment, but passive swallowing can also lead to death. This undermines the ecological balance.

Fourth, pyrolysis of toxic substances, plastic products have no toxic substances, but because of its imperfect recycling equipment, the process is simple, many manufacturers do not have a legal business license. Hazards of plastic products When the temperature of recycled plastic products reaches 65 °C, toxic substances will precipitate and penetrate into the food, causing harm to the liver, kidneys, reproductive system and central nervous system as well as other important parts of the human body.