What Are The Main Reasons Why Silicone Coasters Are Unfamiliar!

- Oct 30, 2019-


               When people in modern cities relax, they often go to a coffee shop or tea restaurant to have a leisure time, but I don’t know if anyone notices that many restaurant mats and coasters have various kinds of silicone materials. Starbucks must be a well-known brand that everyone knows. It should be noted by friends who pay attention to it. Each type of drink will provide you with a good-looking silicone coaster, and some more literary coffee besides famous brands. There will be similar products in the halls and restaurants, which also means that the environmental protection industry is leading us to start the environmental protection route, starting with green materials.

             The silicone coaster looks like a flower, but when it comes to the process, it's not so simple. First of all, the silicone coaster is the essence of the beauty, so the requirements for the product clamping line and surface treatment need to be even more Strictly, the most difficult to control the silicone coaster in the production process of silicone products manufacturers is the unfavorable control of the unfamiliar and the wind. Because the size of the coaster product is large, the vulcanization time is too long in the process, so the product appears in two kinds. phenomenon.

           The first is to improve the yield and reduce the time caused by the unfamiliar, but not familiar with the easy to produce drum bag wind phenomenon, so silicone rubber products manufacturers in the process of processing to improve production control problems become a problem, but the main reason is because of the product If the size is too large, then it should be considered whether it is properly adjusted on the size and pressure of the machine. There are two different statements for the large silicone coaster. First, the large mold needs to be controlled by a high-power machine. If the size of the product is too large, do not process the number of holes in the mold too much.


           In addition to the above technical problems, the reason why a silicone coaster can be adopted by many well-known brands is because the outstanding properties of the silicone material and the appearance are exquisite, the high temperature resistance is higher than that of boiling water, and the wear resistance can be any with rubber or plastic. Material comparison, aging resistance and normal leather and plastic materials are more prominent, and the color can reach any color you want. On the pattern, you can use different techniques to make different watermarks and patterns, and the price is in the market. Which materials can compare?