What Are The Main Functions Of Thermal Silicone Gaskets?

- Nov 01, 2019-


            When it comes to sensing, remote control, and thermal conduction, it is basically related to electronic products. With the continuous upgrading of electronic devices in recent years, various functions are integrated in small components, and the important drawback of integration is temperature. Elevation can cause slower equipment runs, failures in the middle of the device, size and space constraints, and many other performance issues. Therefore, temperature control has become one of the most important challenges in design. How to effectively remove more heat generated by larger unit power when the architecture is tight and the operating space is getting smaller and smaller?


            Therefore, from the electronic technology level, the thermal conductive silicone sheet can only barely pass the auxiliary form for thermal conversion capability. The thermal conductive silicone sheet adopts high-performance thermal conductive material to eliminate the air gap, thereby improving the overall thermal conversion capability and making the device more Working at low temperatures. Its main function is to reduce the thermal resistance of the product between the heat of the face and the contact surface of the heat sink. It has been used as a thermal conductive silicone film, a film, a soft cooling pad, etc. in the electronics industry.


            Unlike other silicone products, thermal paste has unique advantages in electronic components to reduce the surface heat source and heat resistance of the heat source. It provides a certain temperature balance for electronic components. Currently, the main use of heat conductive sheets in life. With all household appliances, air conditioners, electric stoves, computers, etc., there is basically such a piece of thermal silica film. In the power industry, such as transformers, capacitors, resistors, inductors, etc., as long as they belong to high power rate components, then Insulating silica gel sheets disperse the heat of these components onto the outer casing. In the LED industry, thermal silica gel sheets are also widely used. The thermal silica gel sheet transfers the heat of the working aluminum substrate to the bottom of the LED lamp housing. Can be applied to the PC, PC motherboards such as South Bridge, North Bridge, motherboard chip, graphics chip, etc. need heat transfer of thermal silicon film; other industries such as automotive electronics, optoelectronics and so on.