What Are The Functions Of Silicone Gloves

- Dec 09, 2019-

             When it comes to washing dishes, many people feel helpless and even disgusted. In the summer, the weather is warmer, although washing dishes is annoying, at least it is very comfortable. Especially in winter, when the water is very cold, washing the dishes can be said to be more painful. In fact, dishwashing is not that annoying. If you are still complaining, it's because you don't know that there is this special silicone glove dishwashing brush. Then you will have a question. What is silicone gloves that can wash dishes without hurting your hands? When you wear them, you are not afraid of heat or cold. Can silicone gloves be used to clean dishes and be durable? With these questions, we answer below in detail.




              Silicone gloves are more practical for these points. One: Silicone gloves are non-slip, and the bowl does not leave your hands when washing dishes. We often accidentally slip the hands after washing the dishes with detergent. We will break the whole bowl and carefully clean the debris. Affect the good mood of this day. Of course, with this silicone glove, you can hold it firmly when you wash the dishes. Another advantage is that the silicone material has a great friction with the human skin. Hold it in your hand and never worry about slipping your hands and breaking the dishes.


               The second major advantage of silicone gloves: easy foaming, silicone gloves use a large soft thorn in the central core of the palm. Compared with sponges, the contact area is much larger, and compared with rags, the same detergent The larger the amount of air bubbles, the easier it is to rub. With this silicone glove, the least detergent is used to get the most foam, and the cleaning power is stronger, which saves costs and energy when washing dishes.




               Silicone gloves also have the third major advantage: heat insulation and anti-scalding. Since they are made of silicone gloves, their function is not only used to wash dishes, because gloves made of high-grade silicone insulation materials can also be used. Where is it used? Since it can prevent heat and heat, it is indispensable in the microwave. Whether it is microwave-heated meals or cakes in the oven, you can easily remove it, and you do n’t need to use hot or rag pads. I still feel the hot troubles. In summary, we know that this silicone glove comes out to wash dishes. It is also a good helper for the bakery. The transporter when boiling soup and hot pot is convenient to work and safer to serve. .


             After reading the previous points, are there any snacks? Don't worry, but also come with more functions. The fourth major advantage is in cleaning. There are often long hair falling on the floor at home, or some hair will be left by pets. On the sofa, thick dust has accumulated on the bookshelf, and the silicone gloves have a thorn-shaped design on the north side, which can easily grasp the slightly dirty things, let alone tiles and pools. Combined with the function of easy bubbles, only The gloves need to be rubbed lightly to remove the layers of the process. You can also use this pair of silicone gloves to clean vegetables and fruits. Rub the sludge deposited on the roots and rub them to clean them.

                This silicone glove scrubbing and cleaning function is far more than that. It is waterproof, oil-proof, non-slip, easy to foam, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, easy to clean. It is a cheap must-have in the home. Gloves care for your hands. Changing your life.