What Are The Factors That Cause The O-ring Size Deformation?

- Dec 25, 2019-

              In the electronics industry, the combination of dust-proof seals is a more common way in modern electrical appliances. The main methods of combining dust-proof seals are mostly glue, soft rubber products, and assembly seals. With the development of soft rubber products, From rubber to the current silicone seals and waterproof seals, they basically occupy the entire market for electrical seals. Many waterproof and oil-proof appliances are basically made of silicone materials, such as washing machines, rice cookers, water heaters, etc., and the role of silicone seals is not tolerable. Underestimate, if the seal fails and leakage occurs, it may cause the entire integrated circuit board to be damaged and cause a greater degree of damage costs. Therefore, the effect of the sealing O-ring naturally has an indelible importance, but what exactly is the reason for the seal failure What factors are causing it?

             The structural design of the silicone O-ring is the key to the product. If the product's wire diameter and diameter are asymmetric or just designed according to the position of the sealing groove, then the product's subsequent estimation will not achieve a complete sealing effect. Therefore, in the design process, it is usually necessary to reach the hydraulic cycle and completely prevent the leakage point. Then, the size of the seal ring needs to be increased during the design process, and the seal can be squeezed under stress, because silicone is a soft rubber product. It will shrink under stress, so many electronic silicone seals will properly adjust the size of the product when designing.

            Silicone products manufacturers occupy one of them. Many silicone materials have poor tensile and rebound forces. When electrical appliances are stressed, it may cause seal failure and loss of life due to long time. At present, many silicone seals are under stress. Will cause deformation and irrecoverable phenomenon, and this phenomenon is that the material's tensile rebound has an impact. Under normal circumstances, the rebound effect of silicone products can reach more than 90% to be considered a qualified rubber, and the seal ring needs to be used. Material, so if the electrical seal fails, you can look for the cause from the material!

           For the production of sealing rings, in addition to the material, the sealing performance failure caused by the processing of silicone seal ring manufacturers also exists. During the processing, the precision of the mold is not high enough, which may cause the product to lose precision. For precision electrical seal rings, etc. It is more important. The main problems are caused by the parting line of the product, the dimensional tolerance control of the product, and the control of the hardness and softness. Generally, these problems can be controlled by the temperature and pressure of the machine of the silicone processing manufacturer and the time!

            Environmental impact is also on the one hand. Under normal circumstances, electrical seals will be stressed. Oil, water, and other environmental influences will age the product. These problems will directly affect seal leakage at different lengths, so different adhesives are used in different environments. This kind of material is very important, and in the working environment, it is necessary to avoid the entry of impurities and dust to affect the seal. Under the condition of stress, you need to choose high-quality rubber materials. There are certain differences between ordinary silicone rings and special silicone rings, and avoid them. The main way to reduce the deformation life of the product is the quality of the material!