What Are The Drawbacks And Defects Of Silicone Products?

- Nov 15, 2019-


             Any product in industrial manufacturing has its advantages and disadvantages. Fixed defects and weaknesses are inevitable. This phenomenon also exists in the silicone products industry. In the production process of silicone products manufacturers, both the quality and the essence of the products will be Produce some fixed defects, so for those who pay more attention to quality can understand, what are the fixed drawbacks of what kind of phenomenon!

          The parting line is the drawback of most colloidal products, but all the products that are injection molded by the mold will basically have the parting line. The silicone product is no exception. In the process of processing, it is formed by molding the upper and lower molds or molding. There will be a parting line of about 0.1mm, but the thickness of the line depends on the precision of the mold and the control skills of the processing. Therefore, the parting line of the silicone product is inevitably pure, but can be carried out through the post-process. Secondary processing, otherwise scissors trimming or sample processing.


         The injection molding process is suitable for a variety of materials, of which plastics are the most extensive, and silicone has similar processes. The disadvantages of liquid injection and transfer process are that some products have a feed port on the surface of the product, and some products can Covered inside, but some products can not avoid feeding on the outer surface, but usually will try to avoid the glue on the appearance, so the product may have obvious marks on the part of the glue, affecting the appearance.

         Silicone gift dispensing technology is a popular type of processing at present. It has the unique advantage of multi-color integrated molding to make a variety of colors, but it is also purely in this certain drawbacks, such as the imbalance of product raw material proportion and weight is likely to occur. Corrugated water pattern and pitting phenomenon, the influence of working temperature environment control on the finished product, and the mechanical quality of the product is better than that of the mechanical glue. However, it is easy to artificially drop the color at the discharge port. .

         The sharp weapon is the most fearful material for silicone rubber products, so the sharp edge of the blade is also one of the fixed defects of the silicone product. If the silicone is subjected to a force or stretch, such as a sharp needle or a blade, it will be easily Destruction, so it is only a soft and tough material, not the same as cermet, try not to let the silicone products contact with the tool, a good product can not be restored after being cut.

        Dust is also one of the most taboo defects in silicone materials, because the raw material nature of silicone products has the adsorption strength, and ash is one of its main problems, so try not to contact with dust and hair during normal use, otherwise it will let You feel very uncomfortable, but the materials and processed products can be surface treated. Under normal circumstances, the silicone manufacturers will prevent the ash from spraying a layer of antistatic oil on some products to make the surface smoother and prevent a lot of dust from sticking. On the surface of the product.


        The above points are the common fixed defects of organic silicone products, but it also has many other defects, but it is not often encountered in the process of use. Of course, there are many advantages in the disadvantages of silicone products. The industry has a different role, you may wish to use it!