What Are the Characteristics of Good Quality Silicone Products?

- Jul 09, 2019-


Good quality silicone products are very popular among the people in Europe and the United States, and have great potential in the domestic silica gel market. It is certain that there will be more silicone products influx in various industries in the future, then for silica gel. For manufacturers, the production of good quality silicone products is the most important. Then a high-quality silicone product, what characteristics must it have, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products? The following Lohas silicone products manufacturers to tell you in detail:

1, good temperature resistance

The temperature resistance here includes high temperature and low temperature. Silica gel is a kind of temperature resistant material. The produced silica gel products are naturally very temperature resistant, and the temperature can reach 240 degrees and the lowest temperature can reach -40 degrees. Generally speaking, from the perspective of professional technology, this requires manufacturers to grasp all aspects. Control each process so that the silica products produced will reach a high level of quality.

2, easy to clean

Silicone products are a waterproof product that does not change in the water. This is what silicone products are born with. And the silicone cookware produced can be put into high-temperature hot water for boiling and disinfection, and can also be put into a washing machine or a dishwasher to clean, and will not wash the silicone products.

3, long life

The spatial organization of the silica gel material is also very messy, but the chemical properties are also very stable. It will not react with any chemical substances. It will come out with strong acid and alkali, and the general weak acid and weak base will not change. Silicone products have been given good characteristics, and the produced silicone products have a long service life and are also very useful. Therefore, it is generally recommended that silicone products, especially silicone products such as silicone kitchenware, have been used for 3--5 years. No problem, silicone products are more useful than other materials.

4, soft and comfortable

This feature of silicone products means that this material can produce some softer daily necessities. Recommended products: dishwashing gloves, silicone gloves

5, diverse colors

When the silica gel material is used in the color masterbatch and the vulcanizing agent, the color changes immediately. The whole process is that the transparent color of the silica gel changes toward the color share of the participating, so the color of the silicone product is very bright and colorful, whether as a silicone kitchenware, Silicone jewelry, silicone gifts, and still used silicone daily necessities, can produce silicone products suitable for various places.

6, environmentally friendly and non-toxic

In China, many friends don't know the material such as silica gel. They don't know that silica gel is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, which leads to many misunderstandings. Some even say that silica gel is a toxic substance. In fact, these are misunderstandings. Products made with silica gel, in addition to the products I mentioned above, are still the most common ones that are still silicone pacifiers. This is a household product that has been used by household names. Silicone nipples are silicone products made from silica gel, but the production process is different.