What Are The Characteristics Of Food Grade Mold Silicone Raw Materials?

- Aug 08, 2019-


With the continuous popularization of silicone products, the silicone industry has gradually appeared in people's lives. The emergence of food-grade silicone materials has made the application of silica gel not only in the industrial field, but also widely used in people's daily necessities. The more common application is the cake mold. Many people know that the silicone cake mold is very easy to use, but it is not clear about the basic knowledge of the raw material, that is, the food grade mold silicone raw material. Let's understand it together.

(The picture shows the food grade mold silicone raw material)

What is a food grade mold silicone material?

Food grade liquid silicone is a liquid silicone material with high environmental protection level. It has relative FDA certification, environmental protection and safety, no harm to the human body and no pollution to the environment.


1. Mix the two components A and B according to the weight of 1:1, and then water them by vacuum defoaming. Room temperature (28 degrees) 30 minutes operation time, 2-3 hours complete curing; heating 60-120 degrees, can be fully cured in a few ten minutes.

2. Separate from the container using condensed silica gel during operation. Operate the silica gel with a non-using room temperature silica gel tool.

3. Before use, first make a skin test on the mold to see if it will solidify and then put it into use.

Features of food grade mold silicone raw materials:

·Low shrinkage rate, no low molecules are released during cross-linking, so the volume is constant and the shrinkage rate is less than 0.1%.

· Deep curing without product thickness limitation

·Excellent high temperature resistance, temperature can reach 300-500 degrees

·Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, passed FDA food grade certification

·High tensile strength, tear resistance, and many times of overturning


·Good fluidity, easy to infuse; can be cured at room temperature or warmed, easy to operate