What Are The Advantages Of Silicone Ashtray

- Dec 20, 2019-

               Do we often hear a word from smokers in life: a cigarette after dinner, magical powers, men do not smoke, women do not lean on, etc. funny phrases: 350 million Chinese smokers, 1.1 billion smokers worldwide, then The ashtray is a big market. You may rarely see a silicone ashtray that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and can be used continuously. The ones you have seen are mostly glass, molecular compound plastics, paper, and ceramic materials; Rongjin below Silicone ashtray processing custom manufacturers will tell you in detail: what are the advantages of silicone ashtrays.

              Advantage 1: This ashtray that is suitable and made of silicone is made by high temperature and high pressure vulcanization. You don't need to worry about burning it. When the ashtray needs to be cleaned, you don't need to worry about it breaking. It has High elasticity and high tearability, even if you drop it deliberately, it will not fall when dropped from high altitude, so this silicone ashtray does not fall badly, which solves the needs of KTV, hotels and other public places!

             Advantage 2: Environmental protection: When it comes to environmental protection, the two best creations in history and the two most failed creations in history are both it, molecular compounds, plastics and fuel! Plastic ashtrays made of molecular compounds are originally born for the problem of not falling! But it can be broken with force, and it is mostly brittle, and it will easily break in a few years. However, it is not environmentally friendly in some places and environments, but the silicone ashtray is different. It does not emit substances that are harmful to the human body. You can pass the FDA or LFGB to check the inspection.

            Advantage 3: The number of years to save life: Of these various ashtrays, although the silicone ashtray is not as long as the glass to save life, how many years does the silicone ashtray have to save life? The same is about 10 years.

           Advantage 4: Strong plasticity: What is plasticity? In simple terms, it is the shape, so that its appearance, appearance, visual perception, color, etc., silicone is very high, and only round, square, The irregular shape and color can be said to be too colorful or mixed, two-color, etc. The impact on the sense of sight is very delicate and beautiful!

          Advantage 5: Strong aesthetics: Due to the strong plasticity of the silicone ashtray, it can be designed in more shapes and can also be used as an ornamental when not in use to meet your good-looking needs.

Summary: Silicone ashtray is safe and environmentally friendly, anti-fall, anti-hanging desktop, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, unchanged, feel good when touching, beautiful appearance, colorful colors! A silicone ashtray is full of these points, you deserve it!