Use of Conductive Silicone Products in The Electronics Industry

- Jul 17, 2019-


Following the development of industrial production and scientific skills, we are constantly making new requests for conductive silica gel materials. In the field of electronic appliances, because of the rapid development of integration skills and assembly skills, electronic components and logic circuits are developed in a light, thin, and small direction, and heat is added. Then, high thermal conductivity insulation materials are needed, and useful electronic devices are removed. The heat that occurs is related to the reliability of the product's service life and quality. The traditional method for dissipating heat from electronic devices is to use a layer of insulating medium between the heating element and the heat sink as heat conduction materials, such as mica, PTFE, and yttria ceramics. This method has a certain effect. However, there are poor thermal conductivity, low mechanical function, and high-level quotation defects. At present, some of the heat treatment of electronic equipment is processed by various forms of heat sinks, but most of them need to be processed by heat conduction materials. The thermal silica gel data is the most important member of the heat conduction data. This article will point out the application of thermal paste and thermal silica film to provide thermal conduction treatment for electronic equipment. The thermal conductive silicone rubber material is a typical polymer composite material. Its thermal conductivity is mainly determined by the type of thermal conductive filler and the dispersion of the thermal conductive filler in the silicone rubber matrix. The thermal conductive filler is divided into a metal filler and an inorganic non-metallic filler. The thermal conductivity of various fillers is different, and the difference in thermal conductivity or thermal conductivity is determined. The thermal paste is a mechanical mixing paste of silicone oil and thermal conductive filler. It has the characteristics of constant setting, high thermal conductivity, no curing, and no corrosion to interface materials. In electronic equipment, there are many contact surfaces and mounting surfaces between various electronic components, and there are gaps between them, resulting in poor warm flow. In order to deal with this problem, a thermal paste is usually filled between the contact faces, and a thermal paste is used. Activities to sweep the air between the interfaces, reducing or even eliminating thermal resistance.

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The thermal conductive silica gel sheet is a sheet-shaped thermal conductive insulating silicone rubber material processed by a special production process, and has the characteristics of natural viscosity, high thermal conductivity, high compression resistance, high cushioning property, etc., and is mainly applied to heating equipment and heat sinks. And the gap filling data of the casing, due to the softness of the material and the elastic variable under the effect of low pressure, it can be closely touched on the exterior of the equipment and even the rough external structure, reducing the thermal resistance of the air, and the thermal treatment of the thermal paste is excellent. After high temperature, there are defects such as leakage of silicone oil and accumulation of dust on the surface.