Understanding Of The Surface Technology Of Silicone Products, What Are The Appearance Treatment Processes?

- Dec 24, 2019-

          Creative soft silicone decorations are a kind of wearable items that children and adolescents prefer. Silicone sports bracelets and sports silicone wristbands are more suitable for students and sports lovers, but the main reason for consumers to buy it is because of the material. Safety and environmental protection as well as diversified appearance and creativity. In the early days, silicone bracelets can already be printed and patterned. Among them, the most popular ones are sports wristbands, NIKE, Adidas and other styles. At that time! What are the appearance treatments of silicone wristbands that attract you?

         It is precisely because of the surface technology that many current electronic watches and smart bracelets have better surface treatment effects, so that the surface of silicone products have better treatment technology, and those common bracelet processing technology, you have Any idea how to make it?

         1. Pad printing process: The printing process of silicone products is an earlier surface treatment process. It is suitable for printing processing of various materials such as silicone, rubber and plastic hardware. The printing ink is mainly mechanically printed by the rubber head. Mainly used the screen version for manual wall chart, and has been basically eliminated. At present, with the upgrade of machine equipment, mechanical printing has developed to multi-color printing and printing multiple colors through the plastic head at the same time.

           The printing effect is flat, and the surface has a printing step of about 0.05MM. You will feel a slight step bump effect by hand.


            2. Molding: The surface of silicone jewelry is easy to mold. Usually, it can also be directly produced on the product surface. The mold surface of the product is processed by the silicone product manufacturer to process the concave and convex groove. Under normal circumstances, many decorations are made into grooves, which can be processed by secondary oil filling. Silicone inks of other colors are added to the grooves to make the surface of the product have a pigment.

           In addition to this method, it is thought that it is also possible to inject other colors into the surface after molding. This method is not difficult, mainly because other pieces of color K are first put into the cavity for filling processing. Naturally, it will be combined with color K to achieve a multi-color effect. The difficulty lies in the process of placing the rubber and the production efficiency.


          3. Silicone glue glue, glue glue is currently the most popular technology in silicone decoration products, mainly through the mold injection into the face of the cavity, color matching can be made at the same time more than a dozen colors, and the production of glue products The effect will have a certain three-dimensional effect. You can touch it with your hands. There will be a color separation groove in the middle of the product parting line. The size is about 0.5mm. The product effect made by this process has been recognized by many consumers. Decorative bracelets and straps are also widely used.

          4. Transfer: There are many types of transfer processes. Basically there are transfer processes in the general film industry, such as hardware, ceramics, plastics and other industries. There are several ways to transfer silicone.


         Thermal transfer is a relatively common process for silicone bracelets. It mainly prints the printed pattern on a high-temperature PET polyester film and prints it into a thermal transfer pattern. The thermal transfer pattern is installed on a thermal transfer stamping machine for printing. The operation is simple, and the pattern is formed at one time, and no color registration is required.

         However, when some products cannot be thermally transferred, the water transfer process is needed. The water-transferred film is treated with a special chemical treatment. After printing the required color lines, it is flatly sent to the surface of the water. Function, the color texture pattern is evenly transferred on the surface of the silicone product, and the coating film is automatically dissolved in water. After washing and drying, a transparent protective coating is applied. At this time, the product has shown a kind of Completely different visual effects.

          In addition to the above two transfer processes, the most common product currently is the in-mold transfer effect. This method is the same as thermal transfer. The pattern effect of the product is directly passed through the PET film production. The product is designed by the mold design structure. Alignment compression molding, and the main technical control of this type of process lies in the mold opening structure and the alignment of the screen plate position. If the screen plate is not strictly aligned, the finished product will cause the overall shift.

          Silicone bracelet appearance treatment technology is currently more common in silicone processing manufacturers, but also the above methods, but there are also laser engraving, laser printing and sewing appearance technology, and the bracelet jewelry is more of the above!