Tips For Buying Silicone Gifts

- Sep 28, 2019-


          With the popularity of the green environmental protection market, environmentally friendly silicone rubber has become a part of our life and work. It has a wide range of functions that you can't imagine. At the same time, it also gradually replaces many items in life, such as the promotion gift gift industry. Silicone gifts have gradually become one of the first items in modern promotional gifts, especially gift gifts, shopping mall activities and large-scale dinner gifts, but the “how to buy silicone gifts” has become a real problem. To the desired effect and the quality of the desired factors, etc., so for this phenomenon, Xiaobian to reveal some tips on the purchase of silicone gifts!

          First of all, standards are very important. In any industry, we need to meet industry standards. The industry standard for silicone rubber products and silicone promotional gifts is the following points:


         1. Appearance of the product: Hybrids of black spots affect the surface appearance of the product. The inconsistency of the product mold surface affects the appearance effect. The product appears mixed color, the color difference causes the appearance to be poor, and the production process leads to poor appearance!


         2, the quality of the product: mainly due to the lack of glue in the molding process vulcanization, the product is soft or too brittle, the internal drum package and the external drum package rotten surface factor.


         4, structural problems: mold processing accuracy is poor, mold opening error and product defects can be caused by the mold structure, so the product processing mold is the core!


         3, the quality of raw materials: raw materials affect the functionality and effect of the product, different environments and methods need to be customized with different rubber, rather than the ordinary glue of the film, such as the need for high tensile, high transparency or resistance Aging anti-UV and other factors.


         According to the professional point of view of silicone manufacturers, the most important problem is the appearance of silicone gift custom processing. Because it is a decorative product, the appearance is one of the importance. Secondly, the structure of the product is analyzed according to the size of the product. Quality problems, whether the final raw materials use high-quality raw materials can meet the requirements of food-grade skin contact!


         Therefore, when purchasing silicone gifts, you need to analyze the bad reasons and the common problems of gifts according to the above points of the silicone gift manufacturers, and customize the high-quality products according to their own needs and performance and public needs, but in addition to this In addition, it needs to be based on its own needs, such as the choice of color can be achieved, the product's service life needs to meet what requirements, and what suppliers can do is to achieve the requirements you describe and achieve what you want. effect!