The New Silicone Coin Purse Swept Through!

- Sep 29, 2019-


          The silicone jewelry coin purse has been selling well in recent years, and the style and quality continue to meet the needs of consumers. The maturity of silicone processing technology has basically demonstrated the product as a promotional gift in front of consumers. At present, although the silicone wallet is moving to the low-end market, it is because of the technical maturity of the silicone products and the price of the products that they can get good feedback in the low-end market!

         This silicone coin purse appeals to consumers with a refined, innovative and beautiful look. Different from the brand shoulder bag and the women's special wallet, it is small and convenient, exquisite and beautiful, mainly storing some small items, not as a decorative brand. The advantage of selling silicone products as a gift is indeed a very good product with several advantages that make it inferior to other products in recent years.


        First of all, price is the main advantage. In the silicone rubber products industry, the price of the product is not much different, but compared with other high-end precision and rare products, the price is incomparable, so its only advantage is that the price is cheap and everyone can use it very well. It, especially for students, the issues considered are attractive in appearance!


         The material grade is also made of food grade silicone, safe and healthy. Environmentally friendly: applicable environment: storage classification, soft rebound, anti-drop wear, can accommodate some small items, such as: key, lipstick, earrings, coins, headphones, etc., go out shopping, wear it as You decorate small items. what happened?