The Latest Strategy Of Europe And America To Chinese Silica Gel Products In 2019

- Aug 27, 2019-


      On March 27, 2019, the European parliament voted overwhelmingly to ban large-scale single-use plastic products from 2021 to control pollution caused by plastic waste flowing into waterways and wilderness.For the organic silicon industry, this is a very exciting

     The European parliament voted 560 to 35 to ban plastic.While member states support a ban on single-use plastic products, including cotton swabs, the eu still has to vote for the rules.Silicone straws and silicone kitchenware will bring more opportunities. 

     Disposable tableware will not be banned altogether, but the measure requires manufacturers to produce as many sustainable materials as possible, the report said.The eu decree also sets a target of recycling 90 per cent of plastic bottles by 2025 and halving the ten most common wastes in the oceans. 

    The eu expects the changes to increase the economic cost to the bloc from 259m euros a year to 695m euros. 

    Mep Margaret okun said the proposals would help the eu reduce single-use plastic products and related consumption, while encouraging more creative use of more elaborate products and supporting a cleaner environment."The next step is to give up our culture of waste," she said. 

    According to reports, the European parliament says plastic production is now 20 times higher than it was in the 1960s.China's policy of no longer importing some European waste has helped the eu impose a plastic ban. 

    According to a Dexin News Agency report on March 27th, the legislation is based on a draft agreement reached last December between European parliament negotiators and member states.It still needs formal approval from member states.