The Importance Of Choosing Silicone Products In Life

- Oct 16, 2019-


             Cases of accidents involving bears and babies have occurred from time to time. According to Guangzhou media reports yesterday, a two-year-old child accidentally swallowed a spoon and swallowed it into the stomach, causing stomach pain. Fortunately, he was sent to hospital for treatment. According to the understanding that the plastic material is relatively hard, it is troublesome to take out. In order to prevent the child's digestive tract from being damaged, the thin film made of silicone products is placed in the stomach and the broken spoon is wrapped out. This kind of problem is also a question of parents' choice of children's tableware toys.

              It is often unavoidable for infants to have accidents. Therefore, parents' choice of materials in all aspects is very important. As early as abroad, silicone products are one of the companionships for children's growth and safety. They are also escort for the safety of babies. Kitchenware has become an indispensable auxiliary tool for our family. The soft material and good softness can prevent children from eating and causing safety problems, and can effectively prevent the phenomenon of breakage.

             Many friends may think that the silicone rubber material is a toxin material. The color of the five colors and colors confuses your eyes, so many friends have no feeling of buying silicone life appliances, which is not what you think. The products on the general market are produced and processed by silica gel manufacturers. The silica raw materials used are transparent, colorless and odorless materials. The color of the solid silicone rubber obtained by adding the color rubber mixture during the mixing process is none. Poisonous and environmentally friendly materials, more than 80 households today use silicone appliances to make the family more green.